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You should install your bike rack at the front of your trailer. Here's why.
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You should install your bike rack at the front of your trailer. Here's why.

When it comes to enhancing your trailer experience, installing a front-mounted bike rack can make all the difference. The carefully designed Arvika Bike Rack offers several advantages that greatly benefit your towing adventures. From improved weight distribution to enhanced maneuverability and reduced sway, this front-mounted bike rack guarantees a safer, more enjoyable trip. Let's take a look at the main features and benefits of the Arvika bike rack.


Installing a bike rack on the front of a trailer, like the Arvika bike rack, can offer several advantages and is considered beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Better weight distribution of your trailer
  2. Improved maneuverability
  3. Reduced sway and wobble
  4. Drive your travel trailer with a clear head

1. Weight distribution

Placing the bike rack at the front of the trailer offers a crucial advantage by facilitating even weight distribution across the trailer's axles. By adding the weight of the bikes at the front, the Arvika bike rack helps to balance the load, improving the trailer's stability and maneuverability.


To better understand the importance of proper weight distribution in trailers, we highly recommend watching this informative video: "Pulling a trailer can be dangerous if the weight distribution is not correct". It illustrates the potential dangers of poor weight distribution, with particular emphasis on the increased risk of capsizing and accidents.


With our trailer bike rack, we put your safety first, and aim to ensure intelligent weight distribution during transport. By strategically placing the rack at the front of the trailer, we ensure that weight is optimally distributed, reducing the risks associated with unbalanced loads. Enjoy peace of mind and safer travel with our carefully designed bike rack.


2. Improved manoeuvrability

When you choose to place the bike rack at the front of your trailer, you benefit from a notable advantage: it minimizes the overall length. This intentional configuration considerably improves your vehicle's maneuverability compared to if you have a bike rack at the rear of your trailer. This is handy for reversing or parking in tight spaces.


We've all experienced that moment of hesitation when we have to back up with a trailer attached to our car. It's a challenge that requires careful control and precision. Now imagine adding a bike rack to the rear of your trailer, which introduces an additional element to consider. It's an additional constraint that can complicate things even further.


By choosing our front-mounted bike rack for your trailer, you eliminate this unnecessary complexity. With the bike rack at the front, you regain full control and maneuverability, allowing you to navigate with confidence. No longer hampered by a large rear overhang, you can confidently tackle smooth reversing and park effortlessly in tight spaces.


We know that towing a trailer already demands your full attention and skill. So why add another burden? Choose Arvika Bike Rack and discover the freedom of unhindered maneuvering, guaranteeing a stress-free towing experience without unnecessary complications.


3. Reduced sway and oscillation

Attaching the bike rack to the front of your trailer offers a significant advantage: it helps reduce the risk of swaying and wobbling while towing. By positioning the weight closer to the towing vehicle, leverage is reduced, minimizing the risk of trailer sway. This improves trailer stability and overall safety.


What's more, our trailer bike rack goes one step further by incorporating reinforcement arms that serve several functions. Not only do these arms hold the carrier securely in place, they also significantly increase the load capacity of our trailer bike carrier. This means you can confidently carry more or heavier bikes without compromising safety or stability.

If you'd like to discover the full capabilities of our trailer bike rack and learn more about its features, we invite you to visit our online store. Here you'll find comprehensive information, specifications and the opportunity to make an informed purchasing decision. Discover the reliability and performance of our trailer bike rack, designed to enhance your towing experience and bring you peace of mind throughout your travels.


4. Drive your travel trailer with a clear head

Although it may seem like a minor detail, it's worth emphasizing the importance of being able to see your bikes in your rearview mirror when using our trailer bike carrier. This feature offers a practical advantage that shouldn't be overlooked. By having a clear view of your bikes during your journey, you can ensure constant visual surveillance and eliminate any potential surprises when you arrive at your destination.


Keeping an eye on your bikes through the rearview mirror gives you peace of mind throughout your journey. You won't have to worry about whether your bikes are securely in place, and you won't have any unpleasant surprises on arrival. With Arvika Bike Rack, you can be sure that your bikes are securely and reliably fastened, allowing you to concentrate on the journey rather than worrying about their well-being.


We're very proud of the design and construction of our trailer bike rack, which guarantees optimum safety and protection for your bikes. Rest assured that our bike rack has been rigorously tested and designed to withstand the rigors of transportation. With our trailer bike carrier, you can set off on your adventure with confidence, knowing that your bikes are in safe hands and that any worries or concerns have been put to rest.


Arvika Bike Rack - Front-mounted bike rack for caravans

Drive your trailer with peace of mind and the assurance that your bikes are safe and in sight for the duration of your journey. With Arvika Bike Rack, you can easily keep an eye on your bikes in the rear-view mirror, eliminating any surprises on arrival. Our commitment to safety and reliability is evident in the design of the bike rack, which includes reinforcing arms that hold your bikes securely in place and increase load capacity. Rely on the durability and performance of our trailer bike carrier, which withstands rigorous testing to provide optimum protection. Enjoy carefree adventures, concentrate on the journey and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an Arvika bike rack for your trailer. Visit our online store to discover all its capabilities and make an informed purchasing decision.

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